Why cheating is good for you!

At HomeBodyFit, we’re advocates of the “cheat meal.”

HomeBodyFit : Why cheating is good for you!
A little bit of what’s bad for you is good for you!

We recommend to our clients one “cheat meal” (or “cheat day” depending on the their fitness and eating plan) during which they can eat their favourite foods without feeling like they are disrupting their weight-loss goals. In fact, a “cheat meal” is vital to their success.

But how can eating something that is bad for you be good for you?

By allowing yourself some wiggle room, you won’t feel deprived…and feeling deprived is what will likely cause you to stray from your long-term healthy eating lifestyle. So as long as you’re on track with smart and healthy eating habits, it’s okay indulge yourself once a week. That’s an order!

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