Pack more work into tonight’s workout than most people do in a week

Did you know that an intense 4-minute high intensity exercise interval (e.g. burpees, mountain climbers, push-ups, jump lunges, etc.) is just as effective – if not more effective – at increasing aerobic fitness and improving muscular endurance than 30-minutes on the treadmill? 

At Burlington Body Camp, we take fitness to the next level! For each workout, we string together a series of these body-weight interval training circuits. Come try us out tonight for only $15 and you’ll likely workout harder than more people do in a week!

Burlington Drop-In Boot Camp only $15
Burlington Drop-In Boot Camp only $15

All you need to do is bring the motivation and we’ll provide you with a: 

  • fast-paced
  • head-to-toe
  • body-weight
  • high-intensity
  • interval training session

that will:

  • scorch calories
  • increase endurance and
  • improve muscle endurance.

Drop-in tonight for a one-hour workout and see and feel the difference a high-intensity interval training session makes…and if you’re new to high-tensity training, don’t worry we always provide alternative exercises for those easing into this type of exercise.

Time: 7pm or 8pm
Where: Sidrebene Park (Appleby Line between Dundas and Britannia)
Price: $15

Register online here

Or contact us at

Before your session (and to maximize the benefits), don’t forget to have a proper pre-workout snack

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