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Meal Planning

HomeBodyFit Meal Planner - How to
The HomeBodyFit Meal Planner

Our meal planner is:

  • Carnivore Friendly
  • Pescatarian Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Vegetarian Friendly

Subscribe today (pay only once) and receive a three month subscription to our meal planning program. This is not a diet program but a new way for you to hone a healthier lifestyle and a better relationship with food overall. With this program you will be empowered with a system that takes away the guess work and promotes a balanced approach to weight loss and management.

How it works

Over the years I have cultivated the best meal plan that works for my clients. I have never subscribed to, or promoted plans, that leave you starving, weak and malnourished. These types of programs may work for short-term weight loss, but don’t work long-term because who wants to be miserable and hungry all the time (not to mention they can be expensive).

My program is designed to acclimatize one to healthier, more balanced choices; instilling a new lifestyle, as opposed to a short term fix. After three months, you will learn the foundations that lead you to make better choices (e.g. lean proteins, whole grain carbs, vegetables and fruit). You will confidently compose your meals and snacks, taking your day’s eating into account, so as to leave you satisfied rather than starving or over indulged. This program is about instilling a new attitude that sees food as fuel AND pleasure. I have also put together a collection of Food Mantras to help guide you.

The great news!

Studies show that all it takes is 10 weeks of a new behaviour for it become a habit. This program is not a lifetime subscription.  It is designed to help you create a new mindset and approach to meal preparation that can be used when selecting meals at restaurants as well.

Cheat meals

I recommend reading through the program and stocking your shelves accordingly. (My plan also this includes a “cheat meal” to look forward to every week; more on this below).

Life is to be enjoyed and with a little balance you can feel energized, satisfied and fit! I teach this to my clients; work hard at their workout, eat well to fuel your body and indulge yourself at least once a week. It’s much easier to stick to healthy eating when you know that you can freely enjoy a little indulgence.

This program, when paired with a workout regime, will have a transformative effect on the body in as little as a couple of weeks.

Get started!

Get started in five easy steps.

HomeBodyFit Meal Planner
HomeBodyFit Meal Planner

Step One

Register for the program.

Step Two

Read through the program and the meal creations and shop accordingly.

Step Three

Start creating your meals! You can plan and ready ahead the night before, or use the planner on the fly!

Step Four

Decide on your cheat meal! No matter how dedicated you are to healthy eating, always allow yourself some guilt free indulgence. If your weakness is French fries? Pick your day and meal ahead of time and enjoy.

Step Five

Factor in your workouts. Plan to eat either a snack or smoothie or meal within an hour after your workout. More on this within the plan.

And that’s it! Once registered, the plan provides all that you need to start your healthier lifestyle and weight management journey, including the finer details, tips and recipes.

HomeBodyFit Meal Planner Healthy Breakfast


A one time payment for a three month subscription.

That’s all it takes! Studies show that all it takes is 10 weeks of a new behaviour for it become a habit.

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