What is Functional Fitness?

How to do Wood Chops Functional exercise
How to do Wood Chops Functional Exercise

At HomeBodyFit, we love functional fitness, otherwise known as training your body to handle real-life activities in real-life positions. For example, our training programs are not confined to lifting weight in an idealized posture conceived by a gym machineConventional weight-training (which is great and should be a part of of your fitness routine) isolates muscle groups, but functional fitness routines take your regime one step further and teaches the muscle groups you’re isolating to work with others,

One example, The Wood Chop!

How to do The Wood Chop

All you need is a medicine ball (we have 8 to 20-pounders available for our clients).

  1. Holding the ball with both hands, squat down with the ball over one knee.
  2.  With control, explosively swing the ball over your opposite shoulder.

Important! Concentrate on decelerating the ball with your core.


  • Slimmed waistline
  • Strong core
  • Defined shoulders

The HomeBodyFit Wood Chop Circuit (Advanced)

Do 10 reps of The Wood Chop on each side and repeat four times

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