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Your Complete Guide To Skullcrushers!

by Bill Geiger Contrary to what the name might suggest, skullcrushers won’t send you screaming to the ER—at least when done right. They can, however, help you build massive triceps. Here’s everything you need to know about this popular exercise! Most exercises have rather literal names: A single-arm overhead dumbbell extension describes the movement pretty […]

Spice up your plank with this exercise

1. Start in the plank position on the floor with your arms bent at a comfortable. 2. Raise one foot off of the ground, rotating the leg and bringing the knee towards your elbow – aim to reach your elbow. 3. Return your leg to the starting plank position and repeat on the opposite side. Benefits: Strong sore Toned abdominal muscles, […]

What is Functional Fitness?

At HomeBodyFit, we love functional fitness, otherwise known as training your body to handle real-life activities in real-life positions. For example, our training programs are not confined to lifting weight in an idealized posture conceived by a gym machine. Conventional weight-training (which is great and should be a part of of your fitness routine) isolates muscle groups, but functional fitness routines […]

Remember chin-ups from gym class? Work your back and biceps at-home with a chin-up bar!

Chin-ups (or Pull-ups) are an excellent body weight exercise you can do at home with a chin-up bar…or head to your local park and use the monkey bars.  Combine them with push-ups and you have a balanced, major-muscle groups circuit and a solid cardiovascular workout. How to do Chin-ups and Pull-ups Chin-ups Face the bar and grab it with your palms facing you, […]

Spending long hours hunched over your desk? This exercise can help!

Supermans are a fantastic stretch exercise and one our clients look forward to, as they provide a nice “active rest” exercise during circuits. Supermans strengthen your posterior chain, which includes: lower back glutes hamstrings How to do Supermans: Lay on your stomach, reaching your arms forward (like you’re Superman/flying). While looking forward and keeping your head straight, simultaneously (and gently) […]

Want fast results? Add this exercise to your routine.

Make jump squats a part of your exercise sessions. Why? You’ll get results…fast! As well, they benefit your entire body (including your posterior chain and core) and they are an excellent boost to your overall fitness. How to do jump squats Step one: With your knees shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly, keeping your back straight. Squat down. Step two: Immediately jump upwards off […]

7 fantastic abdominal exercises for a chiseled six-pack

by Chady Dunmore Although it’s certainly true that you can’t have a chiseled six-pack unless your diet is top notch, training your abs definitely has an effect on their shape. Let’s say you’re killing your diet and you’re starting to feel lean and mean, but without some muscle mass on your rectus abdominus, you won’t have […]