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Simple Tips for Increasing Your Lift Weight

Here’s another article for the April/May 2017 Inside Fitness, on stands now! “What happens when you can no longer push past a weight limit – when even adding a few pounds can be a seemingly impossible task?” Matt Johnson is the founder and owner go HomeBodyFit At-Home Personal and Couples Training and co-owner (with Dan Edmunds) of Burlington Body Camp.

Put Your Back Into It

Seven functional benefits to strengthening your back muscles Dan and I co-wrote another article for the February 2017 Inside Fitness, on stands now! “Your body is your temple” or so the saying goes. And if washboard abs, taut pecks, and bulging shoulders make up the building, then the back is the foundation. Dan Edmunds and Matt Johnson […]

New Ways to Washboard (Abs)

Get abs without doing sit-ups or crunches Dan and I co-wrote another article for the November Inside Fitness, on stands now! “The first step to building a strong core (which can be done during almost any exercise) is learning how to brace and stabilize one’s spine.” Dan Edmunds and Matt Johnson are Personal Trainers and co-own Burlington Body […]