Need a plateau buster? Men and women: Increase your weight!

Men and women lifting hand weights
Contrary to popular belief, adding a couple of extra pounds on your hands weight won’t lead you to bulk up

Have you noticed that the hand weights that used to challenge you and leave you pleasantly sore after a session are feeling a little underwhelming? If yes, it may be time to increase your weight.

Different goals for men and women
My male clients, for the most part, greet this suggestion with open arms. Women on the otherhand are often uneasy with the suggestion of lifting more weight, suspicious that it will cause them to bulk up.

To these clients (and women alike), let me assure you that a couple of extra pounds on your hand weights will only help you with toning and increasing muscle definition (not bulk), which helps one burn more calories at rest (and lead to weight loss and a more toned and athletic body).

What if I do want to bulk up?
If your goal it to increase muscle mass, this can be done…and it is a purposeful program (coupled with a meal plan that increases caloric intake substatially). Before I embark on any at-home program with a client, we discuss your goals and any initial questions (and any that come up along the way).

If you answer yes to any of the following, it may be time to talk to your trainer about increasing your hand weights:

  • Your progress plateaued
  • You have never increased your hand weight
  • Your weights are no longer a challenge to lift
  • You can do endless reps

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Come on. There must be one diet that works.

A diet that works
A diet that works

The Toronto Star published a good article on the merits of moderation and the myth of the “diet”. It reads: There’s no magic formula for weight loss.

Still, there is one “diet” that works. It’s really more of a guideline, but it’s the closest to my personal philosophy about food:

The diet with the most robust evidence is the Mediterranean diet. Instead of food rules or absolutes, this is more about moderation: less meat, more veggies, and fruit for dessert. In this way of life, people shop for single-ingredient food at the market or the outer aisles of a grocery store, not the processed foods for sale in the inner aisles.

In combination with regular workouts (minimum 2 session/week), following these longterm habits will pay off.

Read the article here

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Where does the fat go when you lose it?

Blow your fat away: Exercise guru says we literally exhale our fat when we workout

CBC News

Fat Loss
Where does the fat go when you lose it?

It’s a question everyone asks when they start out on a new diet or exercise regime — where does the fat go when you lose it?

There are several persistent explanations floating around, said Jeff Woods, a long-time personal trainer and fitness lifestyle commentator on the Canadian Learning Channel.
Some believe the fat converts to muscle — a theory that is “blatantly wrong,” Woods said.
Jeff Woods is a long-time personal trainer and Edmonton AM fitness columnist. (Custom Fit)
Others think fat is turned into heat energy and literally burns off. “Well, that sort of happens,” Wood acknowledged.

Before fat can be reduced, a person must elevate his or her body temperature and burn calories, he clarified.

As for the idea that fat cells metabolize — “Well, that’s just not true,” he said.


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