Another reason to STOP cutting carbs!

Cutting simple carbohydrates is a better idea than eliminating all carbs from your diet.
“Cutting simple carbohydrates is a better idea than eliminating all carbs from your diet.”

Who doesn’t love their carbs?  Still, the mantra dictates, cut out cabs, lose weight. I haven’t (refused) to believe this for a very long time, and although I know that eating slices of pizza at every meal isn’t going to lead to healthy weight maintenance, complex carbs in moderation are a good thing. Here’s a great article in favour of dispelling this and other diet myths.

The Biggest Diet Myths and the Diet Facts

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Come on. There must be one diet that works.

A diet that works
A diet that works

The Toronto Star published a good article on the merits of moderation and the myth of the “diet”. It reads: There’s no magic formula for weight loss.

Still, there is one “diet” that works. It’s really more of a guideline, but it’s the closest to my personal philosophy about food:

The diet with the most robust evidence is the Mediterranean diet. Instead of food rules or absolutes, this is more about moderation: less meat, more veggies, and fruit for dessert. In this way of life, people shop for single-ingredient food at the market or the outer aisles of a grocery store, not the processed foods for sale in the inner aisles.

In combination with regular workouts (minimum 2 session/week), following these longterm habits will pay off.

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