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Avoid these 5 weight loss pitfalls

by Alex Carneiro, Dropping body fat isn’t as easy as just working out and eating right. Misinformation can quickly lead to slip-ups and pitfalls. Avoid them with these five tips! 1. DIETING IN FITS AND SPURTS Dieting: Let’s briefly analyze the concept itself. Most people jump on the dieting bandwagon with a specific timeframe and […]

Work off the weekend with Burlington Body Camp! Nine-Week Fall Session Begins Tonight

“I honestly saw better results with two sessions of your boot camp a week than I did with 4 sessions of TRX, bodyflex and spinning a week.” – Stephanie Nine-week Boot Camp begins tonight! There’s still time to register: Starts: TONIGHT! (October 6, 2014) When: Mondays & Thursdays, 8pm Where: Creative Edge Dance Studio 1160 Blair […]

7pm classes SOLD OUT! Spaces still available for 8pm Burlington Body Camp Fall Session

There’s only one more week to register until the Burlington Body Camp Fall Session begins! Details: Starts: October 6, 2014 When: Mondays & Thursdays Available time: 8pm (7pm SOLD OUT) Where: Creative Edge Dance Studio 1160 Blair Rd #11, Burlington Cost: $200 (18 sessions) $100 (for 9 sessions) Register online! Questions? Contact us at: 905-464-2085 Learn […]

Trying to add more protein to your diet? Here are the top 40 ultimate protein picks

Pump up your protein intake with’s top 40 ultimate protein picks. by Matthew Kadey, MS, RD Let us count the reasons we’re obsessed with protein. For one, you need enough of this benevolent macronutrient to build and repair muscle. It also plays a role in revving fat-burning metabolism and reducing the hunger pangs that can […]

How to enjoy dessert…guilt-free! And other healthy eating tips from HomeBodyFit

Here are three tips for healthy eating and better balance How to enjoy dessert…guilt-free! The goal at HomeBodyFit is to help our clients achieve better balance in their lives. We assist clients with incorporating the optimum amount of  exercise into their their week; followed by plenty of rest for recover and muscle repair and healthy eating habits. But what’s […]

Burn up to 1000 per hour with Burlington Body Camp – Registration Now Open for Fall Session

At Burlington Body Camp, we take fitness to the next level! For each workout, we string together a series of body-weight interval training circuits that scorch calories, boost endurance and improve muscle endurance. Register today to secure your spot! Registration Now Open for our Fall Session Starts: October 6, 2014 When: Mondays & Thursdays, 7pm or 8pm Where: New location! […]

Listen to your trainer…it’s a good thing to eat before bed

It used to be that eating before bed was considered to be a big no-no for weight-loss. This is no longer the case. In fact, if you’re working out on a regular basis and eating considerately throughout the day, a bedtime snack is ideal for weight-loss and muscle gain. However, this doesn’t mean that bags of […]

How to Get Through Hump Day…and Burn Upwards of 1000 Calories!

Let’s face it, Wednesday is pretty tough to take some weeks. One way to combat the dread that comes with getting up on any given “Hump Day” is to incorporate something positive into your day…something to look forward to…something just for you and your body. Join us for a Wednesday night drop-In Burlington Body Camp workout ($15). […]

Coconut Oil: The Fat-Burning Fat

What if there were an amazing fat source that tasted, well, like fat, but also helped you burn other fat? There is. It’s virgin coconut oil, a rising star in the nutritional world. by Brad Chase, What comes to mind when you see the word “thermogenic?” Heat, probably, since the word itself means “heat generating.” […]