Weight management hack! Sometimes 10 minutes is all you need…

We’ve all been there. We start the new year with great intentions. We aim to eat better, exercise more and lose a few pounds. But let’s face it, some days are easier than others; and on the hard days, we feel the need to reach for our favourite “feel-good” snack and skip our scheduled workout altogether.

It is on these days that having an at-home personal trainer is most effective.

The 10 minute hack:

The next time you feel the urge to give in to a counterproductive craving and deferring your much needed workout, go on auto-pilot, put on your workout gear, open the door to your trainer and say, “I’ll workout for 10 minutes and that’s it.” (As your trainer, that’s all I need to do my part.)

So what happens after 10 minutes?

After 10 minutes, your endorphins have started to flow and your stress level is decreased. You start feeling good and wanting more; and instead of sluggish and guilty, you’ll feel proud and refreshed post-workout.

As an at-home personal trainer, it’s my job to help reset your energy level and bring a unique and invigorating workout that  inspires and offsets any chance of boredom for my clients.

So the next time you feel like giving in to a bag of chips and forgoing your scheduled workout, say to yourself, “Just 10 minutes,…and that’s it!”

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Start an office boot camp and work(out) hard with your colleagues!

office boot camp workout
Working out in a group improves your current fitness level

Group workouts keep you motivated, bonded and accountable.  Why not gather your colleagues, add a friendly fitness instructor and odds are your office will become re-energized (in the boardroom and beyond).

How it works
Contact Burlington Body Camp to discuss the following:

  • Your schedule – mornings, afternoons or evenings
  • Number of sessions per week
  • Number of attendees
  • Location

And we’ll do the rest! We bring the equipment (bosu balls, ropes, medicine balls, etc.) and an original workout (of High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT) every session so you never get board and are continually challenged.

So take a break from your cubicle and reconnect with your co-workers with some good old fashioned group interaction and dare we say it…fun!

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Avoid these 5 weight loss pitfalls

by Alex Carneiro, BodyBuiliding.com

Dropping body fat isn’t as easy as just working out and eating right. Misinformation can quickly lead to slip-ups and pitfalls. Avoid them with these five tips!

Avoid these 5 weight loss pitfalls
Avoid these 5 weight loss pitfalls

Dieting: Let’s briefly analyze the concept itself. Most people jump on the dieting bandwagon with a specific timeframe and goal in mind. The logic might go a little something like this: “If I cut carbs for six weeks, I can fit into that pair of pants,” or, “If I replace sweets with veggies for the next few months, I’ll lose those last 10 pounds in time for my high school reunion.” No matter their reason, most people have something they’re striving for and a due date for when it has to be completed.

The reality is that we all want things done now. We want everything to be fast and effortless. Whether it’s a 30-day challenge or a 90-day transformation plan, it seems that nearly every goal has a date or finite time associated with it. While a sense of urgency might initially get you off the couch and into the gym, will it dramatically change you in the long run? Probably not.

Read all FIVE pitfalls

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How to Get Through Hump Day…and Burn Upwards of 1000 Calories!

How to Get Through Hump Day
How to get through hump day!

Let’s face it, Wednesday is pretty tough to take some weeks. One way to combat the dread that comes with getting up on any given “Hump Day” is to incorporate something positive into your day…something to look forward to…something just for you and your body.

Join us for a Wednesday night drop-In Burlington Body Camp workout ($15). Not only will you leave feeling invigorated, you’ll have burned upwards of 1000 calories in one hour (and the calories keep on burning even after your workout)!

All you need to do is bring the motivation, a yoga mat and two 3-10 pound weights…and we’ll provide you with a: fast-paced, head-to-toe, body-weight, high-intensity, interval training session that will scorch calories.

Register here for 7pm or 8pm.

Open to men and women. We hope to see you tonight!


If she can do it, so can I!

Did you know that just hearing that others “can do it” can greatly influence your fitness performance?  According to the journal of Psychology of Sport and Exercise, motivation from others can have a very powerful effect on one’s exercise duration and intensity.

Fitness plank and motivation
If she can do it, so can I!

The study went like this:

A group of 68 participants were split into two groups and asked to hold a plank for as long as possible. After finishing, the first group was told that a similar group had held their planks for 20 percent longer. The second group was given no feedback.

Following this, the two groups were asked to perform a second plank, again for as long as possible. The researchers found that the first group (who had received the feedback) rated their confidence at 45 percent before the first plank and nearly 60 percent before the second plank, holding their planks for 5 percent longer; whereas the second group’s hold time dropped 18 percent.

Essentially, the study found that if you learn or observe that your peers are doing well, you’re more likely to believe you can too.

So seek out influential stories, talk to friends and family about their fitness efforts and workout in pairs and groups. These can all help boost your confidence and enhance your performance…and don’t forget to let others know about your accomplishments!

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The art of delaying gratification

Let’s face it…instant gratification feels great and as a society we’re used to wanting (and often getting) the things we desire right away. We like promises and we buy into them all the time…and this phenomenon also applies to fitness. Often people will start new fitness programs with enthusiasm, only to lose their momentum when they don’t start seeing results after a week or two. This disappointment often leads to quitting.

Eating chips
The art of delaying gratification

Being personal trainers we’re here to break it to you that when it comes to becoming super fit, you have to leave instant gratification at the door. In fact, you have to forget about the short term altogether and continually focus on the long term benefits of sticking to your fitness and eating plan. It’s this ability that separates the quitters from the super fit…and will lead you to success. If you’re able to master this mindset, you will no longer feel deprived when forgoing those bag of chips or give into the couch when it’s time to workout. In fact, your long term goals will become more meaningful than any instant pleasures.

So forget about the short term sacrifices and stop focusing on what you see in the mirror after only a few weeks. Master this secret to success and you will feel and see the effects you desire. Our clients often tell us that friends and family eventually started asking them want they “did” to acquire their healthier and stronger physique…and when this happens you too can tell them the “secret” – it’s due to a lot of hard work and a series of “fit decisions” made everyday.

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