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“Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, I am serving current and new clients alike via video chat applications such as Skype and Zoom. Contact me to to learn more and about how to get set-up and get moving!” -Matt Johnson

Start an office boot camp and work(out) hard with your colleagues!

Group workouts keep you motivated, bonded and accountable.  Why not gather your colleagues, add a friendly fitness instructor and odds are your office will become re-energized (in the boardroom and beyond). How it works Contact Burlington Body Camp to discuss the following: Your schedule – mornings, afternoons or evenings Number of sessions per week Number of attendees Location And we’ll do the rest! We […]

Avoid these 5 weight loss pitfalls

by Alex Carneiro, Dropping body fat isn’t as easy as just working out and eating right. Misinformation can quickly lead to slip-ups and pitfalls. Avoid them with these five tips! 1. DIETING IN FITS AND SPURTS Dieting: Let’s briefly analyze the concept itself. Most people jump on the dieting bandwagon with a specific timeframe and […]

How to Get Through Hump Day…and Burn Upwards of 1000 Calories!

Let’s face it, Wednesday is pretty tough to take some weeks. One way to combat the dread that comes with getting up on any given “Hump Day” is to incorporate something positive into your day…something to look forward to…something just for you and your body. Join us for a Wednesday night drop-In Burlington Body Camp workout ($15). […]

If she can do it, so can I!

Did you know that just hearing that others “can do it” can greatly influence your fitness performance?  According to the journal of Psychology of Sport and Exercise, motivation from others can have a very powerful effect on one’s exercise duration and intensity. The study went like this: A group of 68 participants were split into two groups and asked to hold […]