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Where does the fat go when you lose it?

Blow your fat away: Exercise guru says we literally exhale our fat when we workout CBC News It’s a question everyone asks when they start out on a new diet or exercise regime — where does the fat go when you lose it? There are several persistent explanations floating around, said Jeff Woods, a long-time […]

Too much candy this weekend?

Leave the guilt behind with an invigorating one-hour, full-body workout with Burlington Body Camp. Burlington Body Camp Drop-In Boot Camp: When: Mondays & Thursdays, 8-9pm Where: Creative Edge Dance Studio, 1160 Blair Road, Burlington Ontario Cost: $15 Questions? Contact us at: 905-464-2085 View Larger Map [useful_banner_manager banners=2 count=1]

How to Get Through Hump Day…and Burn Upwards of 1000 Calories!

Let’s face it, Wednesday is pretty tough to take some weeks. One way to combat the dread that comes with getting up on any given “Hump Day” is to incorporate something positive into your day…something to look forward to…something just for you and your body. Join us for a Wednesday night drop-In Burlington Body Camp workout ($15). […]

Want fast results? Add this exercise to your routine.

Make jump squats a part of your exercise sessions. Why? You’ll get results…fast! As well, they benefit your entire body (including your posterior chain and core) and they are an excellent boost to your overall fitness. How to do jump squats Step one: With your knees shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly, keeping your back straight. Squat down. Step two: Immediately jump upwards off […]

Pack more work into tonight’s workout than most people do in a week

Did you know that an intense 4-minute high intensity exercise interval (e.g. burpees, mountain climbers, push-ups, jump lunges, etc.) is just as effective – if not more effective – at increasing aerobic fitness and improving muscular endurance than 30-minutes on the treadmill?  At Burlington Body Camp, we take fitness to the next level! For each workout, we string together a series of these body-weight interval training circuits. […]

Two personal trainers for only $12/session

Looking to get whipped into shape on a shoestring? In need of the personal attention and instruction synonymous with personal training? Join Burlington Body Camp – our next session begins tonight! Each Burlington Body Camp session is designed and administrated by professional Personal Trainers Dan Edmunds and Matt Johnson.  Even in a group setting, Dan and Matt give their boot camp […]

Take your workout outside! Burlington Body Camp’s next session starts tomorrow

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather AND get in shape with Burlington’s most comprehensive boot camp. The benefits are astonishing: Just seeing the colour green can make you feel more energized Affordable (only $12/class) Scorches calories (with high intensity circuits) Strength Training (with battle ropes, hand weights, etc.) Resistance runs (with exercise bands and hill runs) Build confidence (you […]

Have you tried Resistance Band Drills? Burn fat and increase speed and conditioning

At HomeBodyFit we like to continually challenge our clients with effective exercises and equipment. One of our favourite (high-intensity interval training) drills is Resistance Band Runs. Why? Band runs: Are very effective cardio fat burners Are excellent for muscle conditioning Are challenging, making normal running easier Promote speed and endurance Tone the main muscles of the legs and the core — […]

Take some time for yourself and join Burlington Boot Camp

Is the daily grind starting to take its toll?  Do you need a pick-me-up after Monday morning and mid-week? Forget the couch and forget the bar. We have a convenient and positive way to jump-start your battery. Burlington Body Camp. We’re a one-hour, twice a week, full-body boot camp located at Sidrebene Park (5100 Appleby Line). The benefits […]