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HomeBodyFit’s Top Ten Ways to Sabotage your Fitness Goals

I am a big believer in moderation. I am continually guiding my clients towards a happy balance, which includes avoiding UNDER-training as well as OVER-training.  But in addition to finding the optimal fitness routine and schedule, one must also get enough sleep, eat the right foods (at the right time), etc. If you’re feeling that you are not getting the results you desire, […]

Spending long hours hunched over your desk? This exercise can help!

Supermans are a fantastic stretch exercise and one our clients look forward to, as they provide a nice “active rest” exercise during circuits. Supermans strengthen your posterior chain, which includes: lower back glutes hamstrings How to do Supermans: Lay on your stomach, reaching your arms forward (like you’re Superman/flying). While looking forward and keeping your head straight, simultaneously (and gently) […]