Only $12 per session with Burlington Body Camp

Registration is underway for our next 8-week Summer Boot Camp:

Starts: July 23, 2014
When: Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm or 8pm
Where: Sidrebene (Just past Dundas on Alppleby)
Cost: $192 ($12/class) for 8 weeks/16 sessions + two FREE make-up classes ($96 for 8 weeks/8 sessions)

Burlington Body Camp starts July 23, 2014
Take some time for yourself and join Burlington Boot Camp

The benefits are astonishing:

  • Scorches calories (with high intensity circuits)
  • Strength Training (with battle ropes, hand weights, etc.)
  • Resistance runs (with exercise bands and hill runs)
  • Build confidence (you will be challenged)
  • No monotonous routines (every session is different)
  • Encouraging and friendly atmosphere
  • Affordable (only 12/class)

Take some time for yourself and do the body good. Our next session begins on July 23, 2014. Register online here…

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