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Burn an extra 300+ calories a day in just 4 minutes

Mountain Climbers are an incredibly challenging exercise, but they are worth it! They scorch calories, boost your metabolism, pump up your heart rate and strengthen legs and core muscles. And the best part is…you can do them anywhere! Even if you only do one HomeBodyFit circuit, (below) you’ll boost your calorie burn for the day – 300+ calories worth! […]

Only $12 per session with Burlington Body Camp

Registration is underway for our next 8-week Summer Boot Camp: Starts: July 23, 2014 When: Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm or 8pm Where: Sidrebene (Just past Dundas on Alppleby) Cost: $192 ($12/class) for 8 weeks/16 sessions + two FREE make-up classes ($96 for 8 weeks/8 sessions) The benefits are astonishing: Scorches calories (with high intensity circuits) […]

Need a pick-me-up? Take your workout outside this weekend

According to Science Daily exercising outside creates greater feelings of revitalization, energy, and positive thinking than working out indoors. Benefits of outdoor workouts: Just seeing the colour green can make you feel more energized Greater enjoyment and satisfaction  If you leave your iPod at home, you’ll spike your creative thinking So take advantage of the good weather […]