Are you fueling your workouts properly?

Following our recent post (Are you getting the most out of your boot camp workouts?), many of you contacted us to ask about what to eat BEFORE class.


Consider this: If you eat well before classes, it can help maximize energy levels, protect your hard earned muscle and keep it growing; and with all the hard work you put in at Bodycamp, you need the right fuel to reap these benefits. Everyone has different genetics and metabolisms so it may take a few experiments to see what foods and timings work best for you.

First off, we have fat, protein and carbs. Between the three, fat takes the longest to digest, next protein, followed by carbs. A low fat, small to medium sized meal will serve you well, with moderate protein and higher carbs before exercising. A high fat meal could lead to cramping while a sugary snack will cause a crash mid-workout. Note: Eating too much too soon before you workout could result in indigestion.

Should you be able to eat 1.5-2 hours before your workout (sensitive stomachs may need slightly longer) here are some examples:

  • small chicken breast with a sweet potato
  • sliced turkey with wholegrain bread
  • low fat greek yogurt with oats and blueberries
  • 2 eggs, 2 egg whites with peppers and side of oatmeal
  • protein powder mixed into oatmeal with banana

you would rather eat closer to the workout (1-0.5 hours before),

  • a protein shake with a piece of fruit

should do the trick!

Should you have no time to eat before than perhaps keep a carbohydrate gel (like the ones runners use) in your bag so you’re never left with an empty tank. If it’s been three hours since you last ate then definitely have a snack prior to class. Please always eat a balanced breakfast and healthy meals/snacks as well throughout the day. Let us know if you have any questions and see you at class!

Spring Boot Camp has started, but you can still register.

When: Monday & Thursdays 7/8pm
Where: Sidrabene Camp, 5100 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON

Contact to register (or for more information):

Phone: (905)464-2085