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Need a plateau buster? Men and women: Increase your weight!

Have you noticed that the hand weights that used to challenge you and leave you pleasantly sore after a session are feeling a little underwhelming? If yes, it may be time to increase your weight. Different goals for men and women My male clients, for the most part, greet this suggestion with open arms. Women on […]

Your Complete Guide To Skullcrushers!

by Bill Geiger BodyBuilding.com Contrary to what the name might suggest, skullcrushers won’t send you screaming to the ER—at least when done right. They can, however, help you build massive triceps. Here’s everything you need to know about this popular exercise! Most exercises have rather literal names: A single-arm overhead dumbbell extension describes the movement pretty […]

Take your workout outside! Burlington Body Camp’s next session starts tomorrow

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather AND get in shape with Burlington’s most comprehensive boot camp. The benefits are astonishing: Just seeing the colour green can make you feel more energized Affordable (only $12/class) Scorches calories (with high intensity circuits) Strength Training (with battle ropes, hand weights, etc.) Resistance runs (with exercise bands and hill runs) Build confidence (you […]