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Take some time for yourself and join Burlington Boot Camp

Is the daily grind starting to take its toll?  Do you need a pick-me-up after Monday morning and mid-week? Forget the couch and forget the bar. We have a convenient and positive way to jump-start your battery. Burlington Body Camp. We’re a one-hour, twice a week, full-body boot camp located at Sidrebene Park (5100 Appleby Line). The benefits […]

5 Fat-Loss Myths

Men’s Health Magazine has just published a great article on metabolic training. Haven’t tried a metabolic-style workout yet? Well let me ask, do you like the idea of burning more calories after your workout and while at rest? Metabolic workouts are also fast. For example, we often guide our clients through a series of short circuits (e.g. 4-minute sets with ample rest […]

Why I love Burpees…and why you should too!

My clients are used to seeing burpees incorporated into their workouts. Many groan when they see them, but I always insist on them. They are the perfect at-home, take-anywhere exercise…and they will get your fitter than pretty much any other exercise. Burpees: Scorch fat and calories Make you stronger Are great for conditioning Are portable Require […]