Enjoy the beauty of fall weather with Burlington Body Camp

It’s September and that means we start our final outdoor boot camp session for the year. For the next six  weeks, we’ll convene at Sidrabene Camp for some challenging classes (no two alike) all while enjoying the beautiful colours and weather of the season.

The Benefits of working out outdoors

Did you know that working out outdoors reduces stress?  Couple this with fresh air and your increased oxygen, which together assists with the release of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin. So not only are you keeping fit, outdoor sessions put you in a fantastic mood!

fall workouts
Get fit while enjoying the beautiful colours and weather of the season

Classes start this Thursday, September 15, but feel free to come tonight for an extra class, contact us to learn more:

Email: info@burlingtonbodycamp.com
Phone: 905-464-2085

Register for the Fall Session here.