Try this “cheeky” training program to build perfect glutes!

Let’s get one thing clear: It’s all about the bum. Sure, built biceps fill out a shirt and six-pack abs are the prize of every beachgoer, but the back is where it’s at. A bodacious booty is essential to a good physique and not just for stage-bound fitness contestants. Everyone seems to want a great bum. Photos of posteriors flood the Internet and are often the most viewed and “liked” body part on social media. There’s just something magical about a beautiful butt!”How do you get your butt like that?” is the fitness question I hear the most. And before you say it, yes, genetics play a part. Just like a pretty smile or clear skin, there are people born with a genetic booty advantage, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to improve your glutes. Women often turn to cardio to “get a butt,” but the clear path to a better booty doesn’t go through the treadmill or the elliptical. Instead, start with weights.

Why cheating is good for you!

At HomeBodyFit, we’re advocates of the “cheat meal.”

HomeBodyFit : Why cheating is good for you!
A little bit of what’s bad for you is good for you!

We recommend to our clients one “cheat meal” (or “cheat day” depending on the their fitness and eating plan) during which they can eat their favourite foods without feeling like they are disrupting their weight-loss goals. In fact, a “cheat meal” is vital to their success.

But how can eating something that is bad for you be good for you?

By allowing yourself some wiggle room, you won’t feel deprived…and feeling deprived is what will likely cause you to stray from your long-term healthy eating lifestyle. So as long as you’re on track with smart and healthy eating habits, it’s okay indulge yourself once a week. That’s an order!

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Vitamin D and muscle strength

Did you know that many of us are deficient in vitamin D? Did you know that vitamin D can aid in increasing muscle strength? Not to mention, heart disease, cancer and other ailments have been linked to low levels of it.

Vitamin D and muscle strength
Take you workout outside

In order to reach the recommended value of 600 IU daily, make sure to get outdoors for at least 15 minutes a day.  We recommend taking your workouts outdoors whenever possible (even in winter months). Also, make sure to eat a variety of foods such as fish, eggs, and vitamin D fortified dairy products.

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Start your weekend with a workout! Drop-in boot camp this Saturday morning

“I honestly saw better results with two sessions of your boot camp a week than I did with 4 sessions of TRX, bodyflex and spinning a week.”  – Stephanie

Saturday Morning Drop-In Boot Camp - Burlington, Ontario
Start the weekend right with a full-body workout!

Start the weekend right with a full-body workout. Our workouts target all the major muscle groups and leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the weekend.

  • Where: Ireland Park, Burlington
  • When: 10:30am-11:30am
  • Cost: $15

Contact us at to register and for more information, or register online here

How to do Jump Lunges with HomeBodyFit

Our clients are used to seeing Jump Lunges listed in their at-home sessions. They are an excellent exercise for hip flexors, glutes, and legs…and they require no equipment!

Incorporate Jump Lunges into your workout and you’ve got a perfect high-intensity leg circuit.


How to do Jump Lunges
Jump Lunges: A perfect high-intensity leg circuit.

How to do a Jump-Lunges

  1. Stand with your feet together with your elbows bent 90 degrees (or on your hips, whichever helps you balance best).
  2. Lunge forward with your right foot.
  3. Jump straight up as you thrust your arms forward with your elbows still bent (or keeping your hands on your hips).
  4. Like a scissor, switch legs in midair and land in a lunge with your left leg forward.
  5. Land as softly as possible to prevent injury.
  6. Repeat, switching legs.

HomeBodyFit Tabata Jump Lunge Circuit:

  • 20 seconds of Jump Lunges (slow/fast – go at a speed you’re comfortable with), followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated eight times
  • Total: Four minutes
  • These circuits are challenging. Stop if you feel you are breathing heavily (unable to carry on a conversation) and work your way up to the full four minutes.

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Two personal trainers for only $12/session

Looking to get whipped into shape on a shoestring? In need of the personal attention and instruction synonymous with personal training? Join Burlington Body Camp – our next session begins tonight!

Burlington Body Camp offers the added benefit of motivation from your peers
Burlington Body Camp offers the added benefit of motivation from your peers

Each Burlington Body Camp session is designed and administrated by professional Personal Trainers Dan Edmunds and Matt Johnson.  Even in a group setting, Dan and Matt give their boot camp devotes the same attention one would receive with an individualized workout. How? Variations on each exercise (from beginner to guru) are continually demonstrated and participants are closely monitored and encouraged to go at their own rate of speed, intensity, and ability. 

What’s more, you have the added benefit of motivation from your peers. 

Our program works and it’s cost effective. Try us tonight:

Starts: July 23, 2014
Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm or 8pm
Sidrebene Park (just north of Dundas on Alppleby)
$192 ($12/class) for 8 weeks/16 sessions + two FREE make-up classes ($96 for 8 weeks/8 sessions)

Register online

Take your workout outside! Burlington Body Camp’s next session starts tomorrow

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather AND get in shape with Burlington’s most comprehensive boot camp.

Battle Ropes Workout with Burlington Boot Camp
Battle Ropes Workout with Burlington Body Camp

The benefits are astonishing:

  • Just seeing the colour green can make you feel more energized
  • Affordable (only $12/class)
  • Scorches calories (with high intensity circuits)
  • Strength Training (with battle ropes, hand weights, etc.)
  • Resistance runs (with exercise bands and hill runs)
  • Build confidence (you will be challenged)
  • No monotonous routines (every session is different)
  • Encouraging and friendly atmosphere

Starts: July 23, 2014
Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm or 8pm
Sidrebene Park (just north of Dundas on Alppleby)
$192 ($12/class) for 8 weeks/16 sessions + two FREE make-up classes ($96 for 8 weeks/8 sessions)


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Have you tried Resistance Band Drills? Burn fat and increase speed and conditioning

At HomeBodyFit we like to continually challenge our clients with effective exercises and equipment. One of our favourite (high-intensity interval training) drills is Resistance Band Runs. Why?

Band runs:

  • Are very effective cardio fat burners
  • Are excellent for muscle conditioning
  • Are challenging, making normal running easier
  • Promote speed and endurance
  • Tone the main muscles of the legs and the core — the stomach and back
Resistance Running with HomeBodyFit
Resistance Running with HomeBodyFit

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Why push-ups should be a part of your at-home workout

Our clients are used to doing push-up sets as part of their HomeBodyFit workout. They are a safe, effective at-home exercise. But have you ever wondered why they are so important (and why we ALWAYS list them on our sessions)?

Why push-ups should be a part of your at-home workout
Incorporate at least one set into your workouts, concentrating on proper form

Besides being one of the best upper body exercise there is, when done properly push-ups strengthen your core and lower back. And the best part? You can do them anywhere. Incorporate at least one set into your workouts, concentrating on proper form.

How to do Push-ups

  1. Place your palms under your shoulders – slightly wider than shoulder width – with your feet close together and dig your toes into the floor to help stabilize  your lower body. Maintain your body flat (like a plank) by engaging your abdominals.
  2. Look ahead and lower your body keeping your back flat until your chest is nearly touching the floor. Important ! Keep your body in a straight line from the beginning and end position during a push-up.
  3. Keep your elbows close to the body, drawing the shoulder blades back and down. Keep looking ahead and inhale as you lower yourself.
  4. Exhale as you push to the start position, concentrating on the chest and shoulders – which are providing the strength for the push-up – and push up until your arms are almost straightened.
  5. Repeat for as long as you can, working your way up to a minute.

The main muscles targeted are:

  • Pectoralis major
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps brachii
  • Serratus anterior
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Coracobrachialis

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