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Great outdoors. Great workout. Burlington Body Camp starts July 4!

Who: Burlington Body Camp What: An invigorating, challenging, full body workout…and NEVER do the same workout twice! Where: Sidrabene Camp (5100 Appleby Line) When: Mondays and Thursdays: 7/8 p.m Why: It’s fun (…and you’ll torch hundreds of calories per class)! Starts: July 4, 2016 Cost: $200 (2 sessions/week, 9 weeks) $100 (1 sessions/week, 9 weeks) Register online to […]

Take your workout outside! Burlington Body Camp’s next session starts tomorrow

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather AND get in shape with Burlington’s most comprehensive boot camp. The benefits are astonishing: Just seeing the colour green can make you feel more energized Affordable (only $12/class) Scorches calories (with high intensity circuits) Strength Training (with battle ropes, hand weights, etc.) Resistance runs (with exercise bands and hill runs) Build confidence (you […]