Put Your Back Into It

Inside Fitness Article February 2016
Seven functional benefits to strengthening your back muscles

Dan and I co-wrote another article for the February 2017 Inside Fitness, on stands now!

“Your body is your temple” or so the saying goes. And if washboard abs, taut pecks, and bulging shoulders make up the building, then the back is the foundation.

Dan Edmunds and Matt Johnson are Personal Trainers and co-own Burlington Body Camp.

Inside Fitness Magazine, February 2017
Inside Fitness Magazine, February 2017

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How are we different? At Burlington Body Camp,  we design a unique workout for every class. No two classes are alike. Why? Because this ensures that the body is always kept guessing, as the body is keen to adapt to new stimulus. Not only that, but a new workout means no boredom.

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Start the New Year right

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Starts: January 9, 2017

Where: Creative Edge Studio (1160 Blair Road #11)

When: Mondays 7/8p.m & Thursdays 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $200 for 2 sessions a week (total 9 weeks), $100 for 1 session a week (total 9 weeks)

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